Bar admission

Admitted to the Bar Association of Savona.


Law Degree, University of Milano Bicocca, 2005.
Validation of the Law Degree at the Francisco De Vittoria University of Madrid, 2013.
Executive Master in Business Lawyer - MELIUSform Business School, 2017.
Course "New European Privacy Regulation: the GDPR" at the Giuffrè Formazione, 2018


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Maria Dartizio


Partner of EXP Legal, since fifteen years she has been working in the fields of real estate, urban and building law, Real Estate contracts and in the management of property assets. In these areas, she assists the client in the acquisition, search and negotiation procedure. In the real estate asset protection sector, she gives advice in real estate development operations, from asset valuation, with due diligence, to the preparation of the best purchasing strategy, including the advice regarding the negotiation of financial instruments.

She is skilled in the pre-contractual and contractual phases for the acquisition of real estate, in the drafting of contracts for acquisitions, optional agreements, tender contracts, subletting and renting, drafting of trusts, hereditary divisions, acquisition of properties through auctions, as well as supply contracts, mandate, agency, franchising, financing, constitution and development of important and complex real estate properties and real estate portfolios throughout the national territory.

She offers assistance in all aspects of real estate law from the acquisitions and divestitures of individual properties and portfolios and vehicle companies, to real estate development, financing and real estate leasing. Assistance and advice if there are problems with brokers and real estate agency and liability actions towards notaries and/or technicians.

Advice and assistance, judicial and extrajudicial for all matters and disputes relating to condominium to protect the condominium represented by its administrator and the individual condominium.

Legal advice in matters of succession: drafting of wills, transfer of assets, judicial and out-of-court assistance in litigation between heirs, and appeals of testament succession.

Consulting in the complex legal procedures for credit recovery and business credit management, with personalized assistance based on the type of credit and the characteristics of the client. Consultancy to companies for the drafting of prevention protocols for the Model 231 and privacy also in light of the new European regulation. To this activity is added that of consultancy and assistance in the negotiation of sector agreements, drafting of commercial contracts, tender procedures, confidentiality agreements, sales contracts, supply contracts, etc.

From 1992 to 2008, she independently collaborated with Notaries for the drafting of deeds and contracts, especially purchase agreements, donation and other inter vivos deeds. She managed commercial and real estate procurement contracts, in the management of licenses and administrative authorizations necessary for the drafting of real estate deeds (DIA, Planning Permission, building permits, health authorizations, various licenses). Drafting of mortis causa proceedings (estate declarations), as well as voluntary jurisdiction. Drafting of opinions in the field of corporate real estate.


  • Savona Bar Association
  • Arbitration Chamber of the private Cescond Court
  • Ilustre colegio de abogados de Santa Cruz de la Palma

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • English

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.


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