We are a winning team, helping our clients to reach their goals

EXP Legal is an Italian and international law firm based in Rome, Milan and Miami (Florida), collaborating with 91 law firms, member of the International Lawyers Network, located in 67 countries all over the world. Created by a group of practitioners who are experts in the fields of commercial and company law, EXP Legal can offer the highest standard of professional services and deliver excellent results.

Why choose us

  • Professional excellence: every EXPert at EXP Legal has a high level professional background which assures the client of successful results in business services and personal matters. Curriculum vitae are provided.
  • An international network: The expansion of the law firm, with a network of more than 90 other law firms and 5000 practitioners located around the world, puts EXP Legal in the right position to offer the best advice for its national, international and multinational clients.
  • Flexible structure: While the broad expertise of EXP Legal covers the range of needs of its clients, its additional network of professionals and specialists in niche areas gives EXP Legal the possibility of forming special teams capable of protecting the interests of its clients if the need arises.
  • Communication skills: with no cultural or linguistic barriers, our EXPerts are skilled in understanding the needs and demands of our clients.
  • Synergy: we integrate our professional experience with the cultural entrepreneurship of our clients in order to help them reach their goal and solve their problems.


Our principles

01 Ethics - Our ethical principles are steadfast which explains our preference for working with businesses and clients that use Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines in their business activities and in choosing their advisors.

02 Experience, maturity and loyalty - Every member of EXP Legal, whatever the specialization and the number of years of experience, is dedicated to working for the client with maturity, loyalty and commitment and is ready to bring in other members of EXP Legal and additional resources as the assignment requires.

03 Integration between senior and junior staff members - The senior and junior members of EXP Legal work together, combining their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the client.

04 Proportion between the value and the cost of professional services - I nostri compensi sono oggetto di report analitici e trasparenti, per rispetto verso i clienti e per consentire loro un’accurata valutazione del rapporto costo-beneficio dei nostri servizi.

05 Togetherness - The EXP Legal team, whatever the role of each person in the team, is based on mutual respect for diversity and for the professional abilities of each member of the team and on the ability of everyone to work together in harmony in the workplace.

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.


EXP Contacts

  Via di Ripetta, 141
00186 - Roma

 +39 06 6876917

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Via Fontana, 22
20122 - Milano

 +39 02 30573573

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1000 5th Street, Suite 200
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

+1 (305) 363-3233

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