Bar admission

Admitted to the Bar of Rome since 2014.


Law Degree, University of Salerno, October 2011

24ORE Business School, Master Degree in Law and International Trade, 2015/16
Istituto NIBI Milano, Master Degree in Internationalization of SMEs, 2016.


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Milan: +39 02 30573573
Miami: +1 (305) 363-3233
Fax +39 06 68192116
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Stefano Rossi


Stefano Rossi is a Partner at EXP Legal and the Head of the Business Internationalization Department. His work primarily involves dealing with international business law, offering services to individuals, companies, and legal entities both domestically and internationally.

Stefano has also significant experience in business internationalization and export (focusing on markets in the EU, North America, and the Gulf Countries) and corporate reorganization and M&A (having navigated many businesses through periods of transition and expansion).

Stefano's expertise extends to managing national and international commercial contracts and agreements, where he offers guidance and advice to his clients to understand their contracts and make informed decisions. He is also involved in EU/Italian funding programs, providing advice to multinational corporations and SMEs on how to access these opportunities and optimize their benefits.

As the Head of the Business Internationalization Department at EXP Legal, Stefano's role involves a deep understanding of his clients' businesses to offer advice that aligns with their strategic objectives. His knowledge and experience in international law make him a reliable advisor for clients aiming at expanding their international business operations.


  • Business internationalization and export
  • Corporate Affairs and Compliance
  • National and International Commercial Contracts
  • Corporate reorganization - M&A
  • Trade Finance
  • EU/Italian funding programmes for multinational corporations and SMEs

  • Stefano Rossi, Giancarlo Cherubini, Come costituire una società all’estero, Officina del Diritto, Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre, 2022
  • Giorgio Cherubini, Stefano Rossi, Giancarlo Cherubini, Contratti Internazionali. Manuale teorico-pratico. Principi generali - Tecniche di negoziazione - Tavole di comparazione - Pacini Giuridica, 2022
  • Focus Paese Stati Uniti - Il contratto: considerazioni generali, 30/10/2019 - Diritto24 - Il Sole 24 Ore
  • Focus Paese, l'economia degli Stati Uniti e i rapporti con l'Italia, 30/9/2019 - Diritto24 - Il Sole 24 Ore
  • Contraffazione online: responsabilità e possibili rimedi (parte I^ e II^), 18/10/2016 -
  • Escrow agreement nella compravendita internazionale: origini, struttura e funzioni, 7/3/2016 -
  • La Repubblica di Singapore: starting a business, dogane e documenti di importazione, 25/2/2016 - Il Giornale delle PMI
  • Investire in Macedonia: un'opportunità per le imprese italiane, 15/2/2016 -

  • “Contratti Internazionali”, professor since 2021 Executive Master in "Giurista d’Impresa e General Counsel" and Executive Master in "Avvocato di Affari" of MELIUSform Business School.

  • Rome Bar Association
  • Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania
  • AIIM – Associazione Imprese Italiane nel mondo
  • AICE – Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero

  • Italian
  • English

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