A number of EXP’s senior practitioners have had many decades of experience in serving the niche needs of the international organizations and diplomatic missions established and operating in Italy. The significant role and presence of such entities in Italy, as well as their extraterritorial and political character, require the special experience and competencies which these members of EXP Legal can provide.

Italy and its capital host diplomatic missions and International Organizations, many of which honour us by letting us represent them and giving us the possibility of making a technical contribution to their important functions.

EXP Legal is proud of its long-term knowledge of and experience with multiple phases of the lives of these institutions; their establishment, the establishment of their headquarters and the management of their relations with states and with private counterparts.

  • Drafting, negotiation, interpretation and application of headquarters agreements
  • Assistance in litigation under Italian jurisdiction, arbitration courts and administrative tribunals
  • Immunity and privileges of International Organizations
  • Immunity and privileges of diplomats
  • Immunity from national jurisdiction
  • Inviolability of headquarters, of property, of assets
  • Tax treatment
  • Supply and service contracts
  • Employment, Human Resources, Expatriates with legal problems related to business

  • International Organizations belonging to the United Nations
  • International Organizations outside of the United Nations system
  • Embassies, Consulates
  • Members of the diplomatic corps and their families
  • Representative offices, regional offices and offices set up outside of the official premises of International Organizations

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.

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