Gli strumenti di videosorveglianza sono talmente entrati nell’uso quotidiano che lo stesso legislatore, ad esempio nel recente Job Act, ha preso atto di questa novità.In altre parti del globo, si…
L’evoluzione tecnologica, in particolare l’effetto impresso dalla miniaturizzazione e dalla crescente potenza di calcolo, costituisce e rappresenta un elemento denso di opportunità ma consente anche di sviluppare device e tool…
Giorgio Cherubini and Giovanna Canale explain the main important changes to the new Italian restructuring law. Since 2005, the focus of the Italian Bankruptcy Law has moved from liquidation to…
In this article, Giorgio Cherubini examines, in the form of questions and answers, the most common forms of security granted in Italy over immovable and movable property explaining what formalities…

Data, data, data

01 Oct 2015
Every day people, enterprises, government organizations try to disentangle themselves from the increasing amounts of data. Everybody needs everybody’s data, often “beforehand”, “because we could always use them”. In this…
The Guide, with a practical approach aims to support lawyers in drafting contracts frequently used in the practice, examining which, although not regulated by Civil Code, are often used in…
The use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, especially where the BYOD applies, finds many SMEs unaware of implications and consequences in terms of IT security and privacy laws.
Giorgio Cherubini has recently published the second edition of the book “Restructuring agreement according to article 182 bis of Bankrupcty Law”

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