Press release. Stefano Rossi joins EXP Legal

Nov 14 2019

Rome, November 11th 2019
EXP Legal – Italian and International Firm is glad to announce the entry of a new member, Avv. Stefano Rossi, previously equity partner of Studio RBM.

Stefano Rossi will lead the “Internationalization of companies” department of the Firm.

Stefano Rossi has matured several years of experience in the field of international trade law (export & internationalization of companies), working first for leading Italian and international law Firms and more recently for Studio RBM (which he founded in 2016).

Avv. Rossi carries out his professional activity in favor of national and international companies interested in developing their business in foreign markets, with particular reference to the markets of North America, Eastern Europe, South-Western Balkans, coordinating the operational activities in supporting companies in resolving the main legal and contractual issues in these countries.

With regard to international relations, he will complete the extensive international network of EXP Legal with his close-knit network of collaborations with professionals and consultancy Firms.

In his fields of specialization, Stefano Rossi also carries out judicial activities, both before ordinary courts and arbitrators, national and international.

Avv. Antonello Corrado and Avv. Giorgio Cherubini, Senior Partners of EXP Legal, agree that "the entry of Stefano Rossi into the Firm is of great value and represents an opportunity to strengthen the international practice of the Firm, consistent with his strategy and vision and perfectly integrated with the ability to operate in international scenarios and online with Italian and international firms and professionals with whom EXP Legal maintains consolidated relationships”.

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.

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