Our broad range of specializations reflects our commitment to the needs of a diverse clientele who benefit from our thorough and continuous preparation and analysis and the careful expansion of our range of competencies. Accompanying this broad range of specializations is our capacity to put together teams of specialists, which, thanks to our ability to coordinate and work with the client, enables us to consistently provide harmonious and high quality services.

We provide the same level of support and attention to small, medium and large enterprises, whether at a national or international level.

We undertake to provide the same level of service for occasional requests for legal services as we provide for long term arrangements for advice and assistance. This consistent effort means that our relationship with our clients is solid and based on trust. We have long experience in being involved in the decision-making processes of the enterprises we advise, to the point that we are sometimes considered by these enterprises to be a department of the enterprises themselves.

Our practice areas

01 EXP for companies and businesses
Planning, designing and establishing the governing structures of Italian, international and multinational business entities are key...

02 EXP for Restructuring and Bankruptcy Proceedings
EXP Legal undertakes to counsel and assist failing or defaulting businesses. We work with the entities that manage businesses in crisis...

03 EXP for national and international taxation
The professional structure of EXP Legal pays particular attention to fiscal and tax obligation...

04 EXP for Finance

05 EXP for Information and Communication Technologies
Information and communication technology law is crucial to interpreting the needs of our clients and their interaction with the Web...

06 EXP for Industrial and Intellectual Property
In the past decades, the creation of economic value in businesses has increasingly been represented by intangible factors...

07 EXP for Internationalization
EXP Legal is involved in the expansion of Italian businesses abroad...

08 EXP for Startup
In all sectors, "traditional" companies are facing or are about to face a digital transformation path, which - like most of the experts...

09 EXP for International Organizations and Diplomatic Missions
A number of EXP’s senior practitioners have had many decades of experience in serving the niche needs of the international organizations...

10 EXP for personal and family assets
EXP Legal will manage, safeguard, conserve and optimize the profitability of the personal and family assets of its clients...

11 EXP for Navigation

12 EXP for Non-profits and NGOs
EXP Legal is proud to provide assistance and advice to private non-profit organizations which operate for the public good...

13 EXP for Culture and Entertainment
EXP Legal is proud to be active in one of the most important and dynamic industry...

14 EXP for Litigation and Arbitration
EXP Legal dedicates the same energy and professional ability to litigation as for extrajudicial activities...

Experts with a long range vision, ready to overcome barriers and take on new challenges in new professional environments. Up to date on developments in Italy and abroad.

EXP Contacts

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00186 - Roma

 +39 06 6876917

Via Freguglia, 10
20122 - Milano

+39 02 30573573

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